December 1st, 2019 – (Oklahoma City, OK) – Secure Transport Solutions, Oklahoma’s most professional, reliable, and consistent secured logistics and transportation provider for high value assets, announced today that it has been awarded a Transporter License by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.  This makes STS only the 2nd entity to become licensed for 3rd party cannabis transportation in the State of Oklahoma.

“This was a part of our plan since the inception of the company.  We knew that Oklahoma’s cannabis industry needed armed courier services for product, as well as cash.  We intend to leverage our armor, our technology, and our team to become the leader in this industry space.” – Bryan Hull, Director of Operations

Many people within Oklahoma’s cannabis industry operate on the assumption that it’s safe to move cannabis products and cash within states.  After all, nobody’s been robbed yet, right?

States with more experience in cannabusiness like California and Colorado are starting to see serious problems with insecure handling, display, and transportation of cannabis and cash. According to Todd Kleperis, CEO of HARDCAR, “Those who operate in the grey market of cannabis are forced to do business within the shadows, but unfortunately many aren’t taking the necessary precautions to protect their safety while moving cannabis and cannabis cash. We’ve heard of, and even seen, cars with cannabis leaves peaking out of the trunk in an effort to transport the crop. People are transporting thousands of dollars of cannabis cash across cities, even the state, with no protection or precautions to protect the employee against being robbed.”

“Licensed growers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are even putting themselves at risk with a lack of security on cash, product, and people. Despite the ideals that cannabis-related crime would begin to fall with the legalization of cannabis, people are still facing gun-related violence in California over cannabis. “People are getting shot over this plant,” said Ben Filippini, a deputy sheriff in Humboldt County said to The Atlantic, “All legalization did here was to create a safe haven for criminals.” In Humboldt County, the largest cannabis-producing region of the United States, 717 per 1 million people go missing each year.”

Kleperis adds, “Across the state, delivery drivers, who can carry up to $10,000 in cash, are being robbed by criminals eager to take what the legal market has. To carry cannabis and cash without protection is just sheer lunacy. Shame on anyone involved in cannabis who will willingly put their people in harm’s way for a profit.”


In Oklahoma, there is a significant barrier to entry, both financially, and in terms of compliance, to the legal cannabis market. Those who once had a hope of moving from grey to legal are left to consider going back into the black market, after rigorously pursuing the investors needed to build capital for licensing.  There is still a demand for untaxed and illegal marijuana, and large amounts of legitimately earned cannabis cash still create an attractive target.  Even more cannabis entrepreneurs may lose their licenses at renewal time, due to added legislation and rules affecting their ability to obtain a Certificate of Compliance.

As new as the industry in Oklahoma is, many licensees are counting on the fact that the criminals may not know about their business locations, or understand their operations.  As anyone who has worked in Law Enforcement can attest, it’s only a matter of time before the criminal element develops intelligence that they will act upon.  In addition, the perception of lax security will entice some people to become criminals, once they observe cannabis operations as an easy target.

Secure Transport Solutions plans to become the industry leader in securing the fruits of this industry’s labor.  Operating exclusively with armed two-man teams, with semi-armored transport vehicles, live feed mobile camera systems, and temperature control throughout, the company offers a much safer option that anyone else in the industry.

For questions or more information, please contact Secure Transport Solutions at or call 405-256-2234.

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Secure Transport Solutions is an innovative contributor to Oklahoma’s cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry. From brokerage to distribution, secured storage, and transport, Secure Transport Solutions has all aspects of cannabis B2B covered. Through collaboration with a diversified team of highly qualified and talented clients, we help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry by providing the highest quality industry services that keep our partners’ products safe, while maintaining excellence and compliance throughout our work. Secure Transport Solutions is an active member of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association.