Oklahoma’s banking industry may be green when it comes to working with cannabis, but one company is establishing partnerships to help cannabis entrepreneurs get a foot in the banking industry’s door. Secure Transport Solutions is now transporting cannabis cash into the banking system.

February 25th, 2019 – (Oklahoma City, OK) – Secure Transport Solutions, Oklahoma’s most professional, reliable, and consistent secured logistics and transportation provider for high value assets, announced today that it has solidified a partnership with an established financial institution in Oklahoma City.  The company has been cementing cannabis banking solutions for institutions interested in working with the cannabis industry and is connecting cannabis businesses with solutions to safely and securely manage their cash.

In states like Oklahoma that have legalized cannabis business, whether medicinal or recreational, regulations and solutions are imperative to keep illegal cash off the streets and help reduce potential criminal and violent activity. While the federal government has yet to regulate the exchange of currency in the cannabis industry, financial institutions have rightfully begun taking initiative.

With this move, Secure Transport Solutions has now established banking partnerships with more financial institutions than any Oklahoma competitor, and the company has plans to continue this expansion.

“Secure Transport Solutions has excelled in offering innovative transportation, distribution and cash management solutions to Oklahoma’s record setting cannabis industry, and we are excited to lead the state’s industry in banking.  While this is obviously cause to celebrate, we are working even harder to continue securing similar relationships, in order to maintain our leading position.” -Bryan Hull, Secure Transport Solutions Director of Operations

Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, without the support of the federal government, has limited options when it comes to handing cash. Several organizations are currently resorting to vaulting, or even burying, cash earned from cannabis products or services. With new banking industry partnerships, Secured Transport Solutions is now transporting cannabis cash into the banking system.

Safety remains the single most important consideration of any mission for STS. The options available to companies working in cannabis right now are typically inefficient and frankly unsafe. We’re here to change that.” – Andy Hull, Secure Transport Solutions Director of Security

For questions or more information, please contact Secure Transport Solutions at info@securetransport.solutions or call 405-256-2234.

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Secure Transport Solutions is an innovative contributor to Oklahoma’s cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry. From brokerage to distribution, secured storage, and transport, Secure Transport Solutions has all aspects of cannabis B2B covered. Through collaboration with a diversified team of highly qualified and talented clients, we help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry by providing the highest quality industry services that keep our partners’ products safe, while maintaining excellence and compliance throughout our work. Secure Transport Solutions is an active member of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association.

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