Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Industry has been waiting for a State-approved solution to the disposal of regulated medical marijuana waste. State law provided for a maximum of 10 licenses to be issued in the initial year, but as of this date, only one applicant has had their process approved by both Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, and the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Oklahoma’s cannabis industry needs a turnkey solution to the management of their regulated and potentially hazardous waste streams.

March 1st, 2019 – (Oklahoma City, OK) – Secure Transport Solutions, Oklahoma’s most professional, reliable, and consistent secured logistics and transportation provider for high value assets, announced today that it has entered into a strong partnership with the 1st OMMA licensed waste company to actually receive and process regulated medical marijuana waste.

Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, clearly the fastest growing of any state in the nation, is generating large amounts of waste. From licensed dispensaries with out of date product, to processors creating quantities of solvents, to testing laboratories with tested product, solvents and glass waste, a tremendous issue of potential liability exists. Improper, non-compliant, and dangerous disposal practices leave cannabis businesses open to large fines and liabilities. A few licensees are actually placing regulated medical marijuana waste into the regular solid waste stream, which is demonstrably allowing illegal and dangerous diversion of contaminated waste into the black market.

“With the coming of seed-to-sale reporting, licensed industry businesses are going to need to account for every pound of product. We also have a responsibility to the communities we serve to ensure that our waste is being disposed of properly and compliantly. That’s why it’s crucial to set up waste management processes now.” – Bryan Hull, Director of Operations, Secure Transport Solutions

Secure Transport Solutions is offering service agreements for any licensed medical marijuana business in Oklahoma. The company is able to work with clients to determine best methods and practices to avoid the generation of Federally regulated hazardous waste, to provide containers for clients to store their waste, and regularly scheduled pickups. In addition, STS is able to provide specific documentation to their clients that will prove compliance to inspectors and regulatory agencies, since Secure Transport Solutions and their new partner use a time-tested and completely compliant collection and disposal method for MMJ waste.

Mr. Hull also said, “We intend to leverage our existing security and transportation expertise to solve the problem that Oklahoma’s growing cannabis industry has been struggling with since the implementation of State Question 788. When our experience is coupled with our stellar reputation for integrity and compliant operation, the potential for growth in this sector is staggering.”

Secure Transport Solutions is ready today to schedule no-obligation consultations. For questions or more information, please contact Secure Transport Solutions at info@securetransport.solutions or call 405-256-2234.

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Secure Transport Solutions is an innovative contributor to Oklahoma’s cannabis space, with a proven track record of cultivating and solidifying meaningful relationships throughout the industry. From brokerage to distribution, secured storage, and transport, Secure Transport Solutions has all aspects of cannabis B2B covered. Through collaboration with a diversified team of highly qualified and talented clients, we help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry by providing the highest quality industry services that keep our partners’ products safe, while maintaining excellence and compliance throughout our work. Secure Transport Solutions is an active member of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association.